Quantum Internet

The Quantum Internet is governed by the laws of quantum mechanics.

Hence, weird phenomena with no counterpart in the classical Internet, such as no-cloning, quantum measurement and entanglement, have the disruptive potential to completely change markets and industries.


Our milestones towards the Quantum Internet.

Lab Directors


Our current and former members.


We prodly present our network of research collaborations.

Prof. Giuseppe Bianchi

University of Rome Tor Vergata

Prof. Giovanni Miano
Prof. Carlo Forestiere

University of Naples Federico II

Prof. Francesco Tafuri

University of Naples Federico II

Prof. Francesco S. Cataliotti
Dr. Stefano Gherardini

LENS, University of Florence

Prof. Michele Amoretti

University of Parma

Prof. Rodney Van Meter

Keio University

Prof. Lajos Hanzo

University of Southampton

Recent Publications

For the complete list of publications click here and here.


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